Mary has been writing lyrics and poetry  the last 20 years, both for her own projects and compositions but also for other artists in a variety of genres.
Among the artists she has written for we find Peter Asplund, Benny Benack III, Andreas Giri, Alexandra Jardvall, GIRI, Lena Olsson-Björkén, Markus Fagervall, Chestnut, Daniel Engman and many more.
She has also had lyric collaborations with other artists such as Maja Francis and Frida Öhrn.

Her work has been published by prominent and key record companies  such as Playground, Universal Music, Foxling Records, Do Music and many more. 

"Writing lyrics and poetry is like a window to my heart and to the world. There is so much to express in words, and the constant creative drive to write lyrics that are in perfect symbiosis with music truly is one of my best and most well developed skills as an artist."