Working on a new creative project to become an album

May 5th - 2021
Mary has been working on a new exciting cretive project with some of the most prominent jazz producers and collaborators in the Swedish jazz industry. Stay tuned to find out more, we can´t wait to share with you. 

Midnight Jazz hits one million streams on Spotify

Jan 12th - 2021
We´re corking up the champagne as the jazz single "Midnight Jazz" hits one million Spotify streams. 
Congratulations to Mary Nelson and Peter Asplund and the composers Mary Nelson and Fredrik Vislander for this huge success for Swedish jazz music. A special thank you to Spotify Asia who has added this single to several official playlists reaching a jazz base in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


Covid times - an excellent opportunity for composing new music

Oct 24th - 2020
Although we are seeing trying times right now, both for the world we live in and the world of arts, this is an excellent time to expand the horizon, dive deep into creativity and compose new material. 
Mary is currently working on a new exciting instrumental project with filmic features inspired by the storytelling in paintings with focus on the work by female painters like Berthe Morisot, Georgia O´Keeffe, Hilma af Klint and Frida Kahlo.
She is also deeply inspired by the heroines and the stories in the paintings by the Pre-Raphaelites.
Arrangements are in the making and she´s planning to go into the studio to record her new compositions during 2021.

Covid- 19 - tour cancelled for spring 2020

Feb 15th - 2020
Unfortunately  due to Covid- 19 and the restrictions for live performance in front of an audience the tour of spring 2020 has been cancelled. I hope to see my audience as soon as the restrictions are gone and we can travel again.


Premiere for Take Five -  jazz/soul/blues/food!

May 2nd -  2019
The permiere of the new jazz club Take Five, putting a new music venue on the map in Stockholm presenting the best of jazz/soul and blues from both Swedish and international artists with a concert once a month.
The club is a collaboration between Hotel Birger Jarl and kreative producer and project manager Mary Nelson with the help of her live music coordinators Vivien Searcy and Andreas Rydman.

May 2nd - 2019
Mary Nelson Quartet 

"Having martinis with Jimmy, Cole and Johnny" - the music of Jimmy van Heusen, Cole Porter and Johnny Mercer.
Mary Nelson - v, Daniel Lantz - p, Pal Johnson - b, Kari Paavola - d.

June 5th - 2019
Klas Toresson with Filip Ekestubbe Trio
Klas Toresson - ten. s, Filip Ekestubbe - p, Niklas Fernqvist - b, Daniel Fredriksson - d.
Instagram: takefivestockholm

Album release for  "Moon River and Me"  during The Stockholm Jazz Festival 2019!

Apr 5th -2019
We are happy to announce that the album "Moon River and Me" will be released during the Stockholm Jazzfestival in October 2019, with release concerts in Stockholm, Uppsala (SWE) and Helsinki (FIN). We also are proud to present Benny Benack III as our guest musician for our tour of Sweden and Finland.

Do Music Records

Photo shoot and hanging out with Benny Benack III in NYC!

Jan 14 - 2019
Sitting down over coffee with Benny Benack III in NYC, taking the time to plan his trip to Sweden for the release of the upcoming album "Moon River and Me".  We will celebrate the release concert during The Stockholm Jazzfestival 2019 and continue with a tour of Scandinavia!

We also had a chance to perform a freezing outdoor photo shoot outside of The Metropoiltan Museum of Art with the talented NYC based photographer Tayla Nebesky. We ended up with a bunch of amazing PR pictures and in addition had a very good time!

And the album recording´s in the bag! 

Oct 12 - 2018
So we just finished recording the new album "Moon River and Me" at Kingside Studios with the outstanding recording producer Otto Wellton in the control room!
Thirteen songs in two days feels like quite an accomplishment! Me, Daniel, Pal and Kari are very pleased with the result and we can´t wait to hear the final result. Longing to share it with all our listeners out there!

The next step in our production are our additional recordings in The US when we perform a remote recording with our guest artist Benny Bennack III. We work together with the amazing recording producer David Darlington at Bass Hit Studios on 130 W 29th Street, NYC where many legends have recorded their albums such as Herbie Hancock and a bunch of Grammy winning albums!
We can´t wait to hear you sing and play that horn, Benny! 

Recording a new album in September!
Aug 10 - 2018

I am proud to annonce that I am recording a new album in September!
My project "Moon River and Me" will be recorded at Kingside Studios and I and Daniel Lantz Three are thrilled! We are making this project as a Swedish/Finnish collaboration and the talented Kari Paavola is coming over from Helsinki to join us on drums for this recording.

The music for the project is of course by Henry Mancini and the lyrics are represented by Johnny Mercer, Jay Livingston and Ray Evans.

The amount of amazing instrumental Mancini songs are too many to count and since there are so many songs that I wanted to sing that
didn´t have any lyrics, and with me being both a lyricist and vocalist I decided to write the lyrics myself. So for this upcoming album I have three songs with lyrics by me.

The album is scheduled to be released in 2019 by DoMusic Records.

We hope that you´ll come to our shows and that you´ll enjoy the album!

When You´re big in Taiwan!

May 09 - 2018

When You´re big in Taiwan!

Thank you world for listening to my music! I just recieved my list of top 7 countries listening to my music on Spotify in 2018 so far. I am so grateful and very happy to have such a solid fan base in Taiwan! Xièxie nĭ!!! (Thank you!!!)

The top 7 countries that love my music the most 2019 so far:
1. Taiwan
2. Sweden
3. United States
4. Spain
5. Germany
6. Netherlands
7. Norway

Thank you to all my fans for listening!

Dec 19 - 2017

Thank you to all my fans for listening to my music on Spotify!

During 2017 my music has been played in 51 countries, has 55.000 fans and has been played for 13.000 hours!

I am very grateful and wish you all an amazing Christmas and New Year!
Hope to have you listening just as much, and maby more in 2019!

Rehearsals in New York for "The Streets of New York"

Oct 05 - 2017

This week Mary Nelson is in New York for rehearsals for "The Streets of New York".
Sweden tour in October during The Stockholm Jazzfestival week.

The "The Streets of New York" project is born

Sep  20 - 2017

A musical journey through the streets of New York landing at addresses where music history was made. We make a stop at Tin Pan Alley (28th Street/Fifth Ave.) where The Great American Songbook was born and continue to The Dakota Building by Central Park (1W/72nd street) where John Lennon spent his last years. We get on board the A-train where Duke Ellington found his inspiration to one of his most famous jazz tunes and then we continue travelling to 107th street in Queens where Louis Armstrong lived his whole life and then lastly touching down at Apollo Theatre (253W/125th street) in Harlem.


The Streets of New York is a collaboration with Swedish/American jazz vocalist Mary Nelson and The Velocity Duo from New York with Lauren Lee on vocals and piano and Charley Sabatino on bass.
The music from the project is a selection of pop and jazz songs in new and personal arrangements.

 Mary Nelson-vocals

Lauren Lee-piano and vocals
Charley Sabatino-bass

Mary Nelson featured on several Spotify playlists in Sweden and Asia

Sep 04 - 2017

Mary Nelson is featured on several Spotify playlists in Sweden and Asia.

Svensk Jazz: 

Timeless Women Of Jazz: 

Asian Spotify Playlist:

Mary Nelson is performing at The Stockholm Jazz Festival

Aug 01 - 2017

We are proud to announce that Mary Nelson will be one of the guest artists with Peter Asplund Quartet at The Stockholm Jazzfestival at Plugged Records in October 2017.
She will perform songs from her upcoming album that Peter Asplund is producing, scheduled for release spring 2018.

Mary Nelson is performing at Visby Jazz Festival

Jun 27 - 2017

We are proud to announce that Mary Nelson will be performing at Visby Jazzfestival on August 26th together with Peter Asplund, Ulf Johansson-Werre, Daniel Tilling and more.


Mary Nelson in New York

Apr 25 - 2017

Mary Nelson will be in New York in early May to work on collaborations and projects with Lauren Lee and arranger Gary Haberman.

Arrangements for recording a new jazz album

May 25 - 2016

Mary Nelson is choosing songs for arrangements for her new jazz album.

Release of EP "Here to Stay" (Music from TV-series "Gåsmamman")

Feb 12 - 2016

Release of EP "Here to Stay" (Music from TV-series "Gåsmamman") coming in March 2016. The EP is a live recording in studio together with Daniel Lantz Trio. (Daniel Lantz: piano, Daniel Oijala: bass, Daniel Olsson:drums.) Recorded at SoundSide Studios and released by DoMusic Records.

Mary Nelson to perform in "Somewhere over the rainbow" at Nalen on August 29th.

Aug 08 - 2015

Mary Nelson to perform in "Somewhere over the rainbow" at Nalen on August 29th where she sings jazz with Janne Sjöblom Trio.

For more information:

Mary Nelson singing jazz in Minneapolis and New York.

Jun 17 - 2015

Mary Nelson is currently on a US-tour to sing jazz in Minneapolis and New York.

First stop is at ASI in Minneapolis to sing Swedish Folk Jazz with local jazz trio Peter Schimke Trio.

Mary Nelson and Daniel Lantz Trio as featured artists in Swedish Drama Series "Gåsmamman".

May 04 - 2015

Mary Nelson and Daniel Lantz Trio are featured artists in Swedish Drama Series "Gåsmamman" (Enedemol and Kanal 5) starring Tommy Körberg, Alexandra Rapaport and many more. Following original songs by Mary Nelson/Fredrik Vislander are featured in the movie: "The essence of Spring", "Midnight jazz", and "Walzing The Village". Release in late 2015.

LIVE IN CONCERT: Mary Nelson with Peter Asplund in Paris

Feb 25 - 2015

Mary Nelson plays 2 jazz concerts in Paris on the 27th and 28th of Feb together with world famous trumpet player and jazz vocalist Peter Asplund.

Exciting new big band project together with Smoke Rings Sisters

Jan 31 - 2015

Mary Nelson has an exciting new big band project together with The Smoke Rings Sisters from Gothenburg. The three lovely ladies sing Andrew Sisters harmonies and will be a part of Marys new project planned to be recorded in January 2016 and released in April 2016.

Release concert at Nalen on the 7th of Feb!

Jan 27 - 2015

On the 7th of Feb Mary Nelsons new jazz album is being released on Swedish jazz lable DoMusic! The release concert will take place at Nalen, and to accompany her she has her French trio from Paris, JOM Trio featuring Julien Kohler on piano who also is a featuring artist on the album. The crooner Jesper M Sjöberg will be the guest artist for the evening and Frida Öhrn is playing jazz records between the sets. 

More info on:

Mary Nelson guest at Swedish Podcast FEEDbACK

Jan 19 - 2015

Mary Nelson is guest at Swedish Podcast FEEDbAC, and is interviewed about her jazz music and career. The topics of the day are talent, ambition and believing in yourself as an artist. Available on iTunes!

Jazz Documentary on Mary Nelson and her Music

Oct 23 - 2014

A Jazz Documentary about Mary Nelson and her music is now in the making. Director and producer Nina Eremar (NinaFilm) is the creator of the project and follows Mary around the world to capture her life and music on the road as a jazz singer and songwriter. The documentary will be filmed in Scandinavia, London, Paris and USA and will be released in the end of 2015.

New Jazz album with Swedish Jazz sensation Mary Nelson to be released in January 2015

Oct 04 - 2014

The new Jazz album with Swedish Jazz sensation Mary Nelson will be released in February 2015 by wellknown Swedish jazzlable DoMusic. The release concert will be held at jazz palace Nalen in Stockholm on 7th of February, and Mary will be singing with Julien Kohler and Jom Trio from Paris, France. Julien has also been one of the featuring artists on the album.

Marys second album “The meadows of my heart” (DoMusic) recorded in the summer 2013 with legendary sound technician and producer Gert Palmkrantz best known for his recording “Jazz at the Pawnshop” with Arne Domnerus, but also for recording legends like Miles Davies, Dizzy Gelespie and Alice Babs.

On this album Mary has teamed up with jazz pianist Julien Kohler from Paris, France and they played new arrangements from the songbook of jazzstandards.

They are together touring France during the fall of 2014 and spring of 2015.